Run The Jewels- Run The Jewels

The highly touted hip-hop duo from Fools Gold records

Hailing from the Fools Gold label, housing artists such as A-Track, Kid Cudi, and Danny Brown, is hip-hop duo, Run The Jewels with “Run The Jewels”.

The highly touted rap duo of Run The Jewels has been creating quite a buzz in the music industry since the release of their EP in 2013. Consisting of rappers El-P and Killer Mike, Run The Jewels has followed up their tremendous 2013 with their brand new video for “Run The Jewels”.

The chain-snatching, poodle-shooting, antihero anthem’ proves to be a surefire hit for Run The Jewels. With its heavy beat and steady flow, “Run The Jewels” is just one of the many examples of this duo’s talents.

Be on the lookout for more from Run The Jewels and head on over to their YouTube channel for more great music.