Rockyard- The Bitch

New original from one of our favorite YouTube bands

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: These dudes are the real deal.

We’ve brought you a number of spectacular covers in the past from the Canadian rock band, Rockyard, and today we bring you their incredible new original song, “The Bitch”.

Impressive from start to finish, “The Bitch” shows that Rockyard’s talents aren’t just reserved for covering hit songs. With a southern rock/bluesy sound, “The Bitch” brings forth a powerful rock sound that seems absent from a majority of bands today.¬†With a powerful lead singer and solid backing band, Rockyard has the tools to make a splash. They’ve shown us that their cover songs are the real deal and are now proving that their originals should be taken just as seriously.

It has been an awesome experience following Rockyard’s releases on YouTube these past few months and I’m pumped to see them put out a top-notch single like “The Bitch”. Big things are just around the corner from this band up north so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for them! Check out their YouTube channel and be sure to head on over to their Patreon page to donate so they can keep producing awesome stuff!

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