Queens of the Stone Age- No One Knows (A Certain Groove’s Funky Cover)

Queens of the Stone Age has never sounded this good

Hot damn, that is how you make a cover! In 2002, Queens of the Stone Age burst onto the alt-rock scene with their hard-hitting smash hit, “No One Knows”. Today, that hard-hitting rock song is funkified in amazing fashion by LA’s premier funk cover band A  Certain Groove.

Combining the lyrics of “No One Knows” with the instrumentals of Kool and the Gangs “Jungle Boogie”, A Certain Groove flat out amazes with their cover of Queens of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows”. With a heavy emphasis on the funk, A Certain Groove does a spectacular job in transforming one of the early 2000’s biggest hits from a hard-hitting rock jam into a funky, groovy single.

Over the years, A Certain Groove has established themselves as one of LA’s best funk cover bands, taking on your favorite rock hits and funkifying them in spectacular fashion. If funk is your thing, we highly recommend you head on over to their YouTube channel and check out more of their amazing work!