Purrple feat. Term K- Tide

High quality music for your ears this morning

Coming to us by way of Chicago is duo Purrple featuring rapper Term K in their single, “Tide”.

Taking a sample from the classic 50’s song, “Mr. Sandman”, Purrple and Term K create an enjoyable and infectious single in “Tide”. Using the soothing vocals of Jay Bends of Purrple and Term K’s impressive lyrics and flow, “Tide” provides a quality and refreshing track in a genre filled with repetitive and uninspiring tracks.

If you watch this video and think you might recognize rapper Term K, chances are you probably do. Term K, also known as Terminal Knowledge, is a member of the up and coming hip-hop duo, The Palmer Squares. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that they broke up. The Palmer Squares are still creating high quality hip-hop as evidenced by their most recent release, “No Foam In The Cup”.

For more music from Purrple and Term K and the Palmer Squares, head on over to their YouTube channels and SoundCloud pages.

Purrple SoundCloud Page
The Palmer Squares YouTube channel

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