Public Service Broadcasting- Gagarin

These dudes are all sorts of amazing

Several months ago we first featured the unique alternative rock duo Public Service Broadcasting and their single “Signal 30″. Today we are happy to bring you their brand new single “Gagarin” released earlier today.

For those of you unaware, Public Service Broadcasting creates their music in a extremely unique way. Weaving samples from old public information films and propaganda material around live drums, guitar, and electronics, Public Service Broadcasting creates a brand of music unheard of and unreplicated within the rock genre. The concept may seem strange, but the result is extraordinary.

“Gagarin”– the latest single from the duo– further exemplifies the bands bizarre style. Due off their upcoming second album The Race for Space, “Gagarin” brings ¬†a brass heavy, funk filled single that will bring you to your feet. Utilizing recently acquired footage form the Soviet Space Race, Public Service Broadcasting is able to add their trademarked and unique flair to “Gagarin” to give it the PSB touch.

With a critically acclaimed first album already under their belt and a second album on the way, Public Service Broadcasting is on pace to make significant noise in the music industry this year. Despite the name, don’t sleep on this incredibly talented duo, their music is some of the best the genre has to offer.

For more music from this talented duo, head on over to their YouTube channel!

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