Porter Robinson – Sad Machine

Prepare to be WOW’d.

If you’re a Porter follower then you’ll know this style of music is slightly out of character for him.  He’s not really genre classifiable, but we’re used to a faster, harder sound.  A sound many classify as closer to electro house.

I’ve personally always been a big Porter Robinson fan, but he’s slipped off the map for me over the past few months.  Then I played this track last night.  Then I played it again, and again, and five more times after that.  It has such a nice hook and smooth flow that it’s hard not to play it again.  What I’m most impressed by is the fact that Porter himself is performing the male vocals.

Porter announced today that his debut album, Worlds will be released August 12th.  After the release of Sea of Voices I think we can all expect this new blissful sound Porter has been playing with to be the central theme of his new album.  The world is waiting.

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