Porter Robinson- Sad Machine (Didrick & Ember Island Cover)

Pretty remarkable rendition right here

Man oh man is this amazing.

Indie electro-pop trio Ember Island combine forces with Didrick to deliver a spectacular acoustic rendition of Porter Robinson’s massive hit “Sad Machine”.

Stripping down the original version, Didrick and Ember Island completely transform “Sad Machine” from a massive EDM hit into a chilling and intimate acoustic rendition. With the help of Ember Island, Didrick removes the vocaloid vocals from the original┬átrack and add the haunting real vocals over the spectacular melody.

For more muse from Didrick, head on over to his SoundCloud page! If you are looking for more from Ember Island, stay tuned to their SoundCloud page! This cover was their first release so we are crossing our fingers that more is on the way!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, chances are we will not be posting again until Friday. We hope everyone has a safe trip to wherever they are going and have a fantastic holiday!

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