Phony Ppl- helGa.

A new age sound with an old school vibe

Brooklyn-based funk/soul band Phony Ppl are back once again, this time delivering their incredible new single “helGa.”.

A spectacular fusion of funk and soul elements, “helGa.” delivers a beautiful, genre-defying single that satisfies the ears. With its soothing vocals, jazzy bassline, and infectious melody, Phony Ppl create¬†a mesmerizing track, perfect for your chilled out playlist.

Ever since I first listened to Phony Ppl, I’ve been confused, yet amazed at their music. What genre are they? Are they funk, hip-hop, r&b or a fusion of all three? The answer: it doesn’t matter. Phony Ppl have broken the music standard and ¬†forged their own sound in an industry flooded with copycats.

While originality may harm some, it has paid off for Phony Ppl. Over the past few years, Phony Ppl have been enjoying a steady, well-deserved, rise to popularity. Their unique sound has resonated with fans both far and why, leading to a rapidly growing and dedicated fan base.

If you enjoy what you hear, we highly recommend you check out more great music from Phony Ppl over on their YouTube channel. You won’t be disappointed.