Phony Ppl- Baby, Meet My Lover

One of Brooklyn’s finest groups delivers a beautiful single

Since popping up in Brooklyn’s indie scene in 2011, r&b/hip-hop/funk band Phony Ppl have amazed fans with their incredible and distinct sound. Their newest single, “Baby, Meet My Lover”, is further exemplifies that amazing, genre-defying sound.

Blending together elements of funk, hip-hop and r&b, Phony Ppl deliver a unique sound with “Baby, Meet My Lover”. Built around a soft, yet funky r&b melody with a few hip-hop elements fused in, “Baby, Meet My Lover” showcases the incredible music that Phony Ppl have been producing since they arrived on the indie scene in 2011.

Phony Ppl first jumped on our radar when we saw them perform with YouTube sensation Max Schneider in their cover of Billy Joel’s, “New York State of Mind”. They impressed back then, and have done so yet again with their newest original track.

There is no denying that there is something very special about Phony Ppl and their sound. With a completely unique, genre-defying sound, we are very excited to see what else they have in store for us!

Check out more from Phony Ppl over on their YouTube channel

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