Phoebe Ryan- Ignition / Do You (R.Kelly / Miguel Cover)

Stop everything you are doing and press play

Wow, just wow.

That was my exact reaction after listening to Phoebe Ryan’s incredible mashup/cover of R.Kelly’s Ignition and Miguel’s “Do You”.

Combining r&b smash hits of new and old, Phoebe Ryan creates a spectacular fusion of sound, recreating both songs into one epic, chilled out jam.

Before yesterday, not many people had heard of Phoebe Ryan. Today, after gaining over 15k views on her video, Phoebe Ryan is one of the hottest names on the internet, with her mashup receiving coverage and praise from music outlets all throughout the internet.

With only one song currently on her YouTube channel, we can only hope and assume that she has plenty more awesome music to offer us. We will be sure to be on the lookout for more awesome music from her and update you once it comes out!

In the meantime, subscribe to Phoebe Ryan’s YouTube channel to receive up to the minute updates on all of her new releases!

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