Pharrell Mashup- “Happy” and “Get Lucky”

The most impressive thing you’ll see all day

What’s more impressive than the awesomeness that is this cover and video? The fact that it was shot in only one take with zero edits.

Northern Californian band, Pomplamoose perform an extraordinary cover of Pharrell’s hit songs, “Happy” and “Get Lucky”. Rather than perform a conventional cover, Pomplamoose used their trademark style, taking chords and vocals from both songs and mashing them together to create a spectacular live mash up of of these two songs.

I can’t remember the last time I saw something has impressive as this cover on YouTube. Not only did their mash up leave me in awe, but their incredible video (done with zero edits btw) had me mesmerized the entire time.

If you have any free time and enjoyed what you saw, I highly suggest you take a look at Pomplamoose’s other videos over on their YouTube channel!

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