People Skills- Shellfish

Twitter is a wonderful place

A few days ago, I received a mention on twitter asking me to check out an up-and-coming indie rock band from New Hampshire. Like all submissions I receive, I decided to check it out– and boy am I glad I did.

Delivering an incredible indie rock sound, New Hampshire-based power trio, People Skills impress with their stellar single, “Shellfish”.

Combining excellent riffs with beautiful vocals, “Shellfish” delivers an amazing and infectious sound that is guaranteed to satisfy the ear drums. You never know what to expect when you receive a music submission, especially via twitter, but the People Skills quickly settled any doubts with their impressive sound.

Featured on their latest album People are People Too, “Shellfish” is just one of many tracks that are sure to impress. With a unique sound and incredible talent, the People Skills are a must listen band for any fan of the rock genre.

Take a few minutes out of your day and check out more from People Skills over on their bandcamp page. A few days ago we did the same thing and look how that worked out!

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