Penguin Prison ‘Lost In New York’ Album

11 tracks of pure awesomeness

Looking for a new album to feast your ears on for hours at a time? Well look no further than NYC-based electronic artist, Penguin Prison with his newest album Lost In New York.

Featuring his trademark electronic sound, feel-good vibes, and addictive melodies, Lost In New York provides listeners with a must-listen album that will keep them entertained for weeks on end. Don’t believe me? In just three days since its release, Lost In New York has already gained over 500k plays on SoundCloud, gaining a number of features on major music outlets as well. To put it simply, Penguin Prison’s music speaks for itself. His incredibly infectious tunes mixed with relaxing vocals presents listeners with a laid-back, feel-good listen that aligns perfectly for the summer months ahead.

When I first came across Lost In New York, I had the intention of featuring just one of my favorite songs from the album. The only problem was, was that I couldn’t pick a favorite, they were all too good. So, rather than post just one song I decided to feature them all in their glory.

Lost In New York is an excellent listen from start to finish and one that deserves a spot on any and all summertime playlists. Kick back, relax, and allow Penguin Prison’s Lost In New York bring summertime a few months early.

For more from Penguin Prison, head on over to his SoundCloud page!