Outkast/Shwayze- Hey Ya/Buzzin (Rachel Beverly mash up)

Stop what you’re doing and take a listen

Who’s Rachel Beverly?

That’s a question many of you are probably¬†wondering when you first came across this post. Press play, take just one listen, and you won’t be wondering that anymore.

If it wasn’t for a friend sending this video over the other day, I would have no idea who Rachel Beverly is. And boy am I glad that is not the case anymore.

Mashing up Outkast’s smash hit “Hey Ya” with Shwayze’s fan favorite “Buzzin'”, Rachel Beverly creates an impressive, stripped down cover that is an absolute must listen. Showcasing her impressive vocals, Beverly wows listeners with her vocal range and command throughout the cover.

Don’t let the small number of views on this video fool you, Rachel Beverly can flat out sing. After taking a listen to the other songs on her YouTube channel, we can safely say her talent isn’t limited to just this song.

If your looking for a new YouTube channel to follow, we highly recommend you subscribe to Rachel Beverly’s YouTube channel to receive immediate notification the next time a video is uploaded.

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