Notorious B.I.G vs. Marvin Gaye mashup

Yes, this is as amazing as the title sounds.

Covering a song from one music icon is a pretty tall task for a musician to take. Taking a song from two music icons and mashing them up? Well that seems near impossible.

Not for singer Andra Day. Taking on music icons Notorious B.I.G and Marvin Gaye, Andra Day performs a spectacular mashup of “Big Poppa” and “Let’s Get It On”.

Taking two songs from complete different ends of the musical spectrum, Andra Day does a fantastic job of joining the two songs together in a beautiful and complete musical composition. Back by a soulful rendition of the “Big Poppa” melody, Andra Day uses her powerful vocals to take charge of the mashup and blend the two songs together near flawlessly.

For more great music from Andra Davis, check her out on her YouTube channel!


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