No Atlas- Where People Have Been

Awesome sound from this young progressive indie band

Taken from a recording from Park Studios in London, young up and coming progressive indie band, No Atlas, brings us a fantastic performance of their song, “Where People Have Been”.

Relatively new on the scene, No Atlas delivers a solid does not disappoint in their performance of “Where People Have Been”. Though the recording is a bit raw, the overall sound of the song comes through and you can really see and hear the quality of music that we can get used to No Atlas putting out.

Personally, I really enjoyed the song throughout, especially the intro. With a catchy guitar riff that is still stuck in my head, and powerful vocals from the lead singer, “Where People Have Been” is an excellent song to help put No Atlas on the map. Despite being young, big things are on the horizon for this trio so be on the lookout!

For more music from No Atlas, check them out over on their YouTube channel.

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