Nelly- Hot In Herre (Cover)

I told you there would be more coming from this guy

A week after we posted his incredible cover of Chance The Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, the sensational Clyde Lawrence is back with his band, this time covering Nelly’s smash hit, “Hot In Herre”.

Funkifying Nelly’s original hit, the Clyde Lawrence Band creates a completely different listening experience, transforming “Hot In Herre” from a hip-hop hit to a funk fueled, rock jam. It’s always awesome to see a band perform an unbelievable cover of a song and it’s even more awesome when they’re having a ton of fun doing it. The Clyde Lawrence band does just that as they perform the entire cover with a fun, infectious energy that is impossible not to feel.

I stated last week how there would be plenty more coming from Clyde Lawrence on The Undiscovered and I was not kidding. For those who haven’t checked out more from this artist on the rise, we suggest you head over to his YouTube channel and do so now before he blows up.

Otherwise, you will have to sit and wait till we put up another Clyde Lawrence post!

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