Nate Schultz- 1994

Be on the lookout for this name 

Hailing from the hip-hop breeding ground of Atlanta, Georgia, is up and coming rapper, Nate Schultz with his single, “1994”.

Any song that starts off using a sample from Jesse Pinkman from ‘Breaking Bad’ gets an automatic thumbs up in my book. Combine that with an epic beat mixed with strong flow/raps and you have the DNA for a hit song.

“1994” doesn’t skip a beat, starting out on a strong note and refusing to let up throughout, displaying the talents of Nate Schultz and leaving listeners wanting more.¬†Though Nate Schultz isn’t rewriting the rap game with “1994”, he is making a strong case for why people should take his music seriously. Gaining over 45k plays on SoundCloud and another 50k more on YouTube, Nate Schultz is quickly quieting the doubters on his way to success.

Be sure to remember the name and be on the lookout for Nate Schultz, big things are on the way for this young hip-hop artist.

Check out more from Nate Schultz over on his SoundCloud page.

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