My Pretty Blue- Shallow Waters

Prepare to be impressed

Not many artists can boast over 40k views in the first week of their debut single. Then again, not all artists are Ryan Munroe, better known musically as My Pretty Blue.

Hailing from the UK, indie/dance/soul artist My Pretty Blue burst onto the scene earlier this week with the release of his debut single, “Shallow Waters”. A stellar combination of a electronic, funky melody and a soulful chorus, “Shallow Waters”┬ádelivers an incredibly addictive single, making just one listen nearly impossible.

Though new to the electronic music scene, “Shallow Waters” is already receiving the attention that an established, veteran producer would garner. So how is this week old solo artist gaining so much popularity in such a short period of time? It’s simple, his music is just that damn good.

If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself and prove me wrong. If you like what you hear give My Pretty Blue’s SoundCloud page a follow to stay up to date with new releases!


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