MUST WATCH: ‘Techno Marching Band’ MEUTE Perform Incredible Cover of Techno Classic

WARNING: Addictive Video Ahead

Prep yourself for a fun, dance-fueled 4 minutes as techno marching band, MEUTE performs an incredible street version of the classic deep house hit, “Rej”by Âme.

Using nothing but their brass horns, percussion instruments, and lively spirits, MEUTE incredible cover “REJ” that will leave even the biggest techno-haters impressed. From the second the horns begin to rumble, you can feel something incredible is about to happen. MEUTE quickly proves that feeling right as they perform an impressive rendition of the techno classic that will put a smile on your face and a bounce to your step.

If we are being honest, I didn’t know much about “Rej” before listening to MEUTE’s cover. However, I find myself not being able to stop pressing play, this cover is just that good.

MEUTE’s cover of “Rej” may be their first video on YouTube, but more are certainly to come. Be sure to head on over to their YouTube channel and press subscribe to stay caught up on all the amazing music MEUTE has to offer.