Mumford and Sons- Believe (The Winter Brave Retro Cover)

Mumford’s newest single goes back to their folk roots

Not a fan of the new Mumford and Sons single, “Believe”? Feel that it is missing that trademark, folk Mumford and Sons sound? Well then The Winter Brave have a treat for you, covering Mumford and Sons latest single in their retro, folk style.

From the second I pressed play on The Winter Brave’s cover of “Believe” I instantly fell in love. Yes, Mumford and Sons is taking their music in a new direction. There is nothing wrong with this. Great artist explore new sounds over time, it is how they stay relevant to avoid sounding the same. Despite that, it is tough for me to say that I didn’t miss their old-school sound on “Believe”.

The Winter Brave helped fill that void with their awesome cover. Utilizing the banjo and other traditional folk/bluegrass instruments, The Winter Brave took Mumford and Sons newest single and gave it that vintage Mumford sound we have come to love.

With their newest album straying away from the sound we have grown accustomed to, it seems that versions like this from The Winter Brave are all we have to keep that old folk sound alive.

We highly recommend you check out more from The Winter Brave over on their SoundCloud page!

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