Milky Chance- Unknown Song feat. Paulina Eisenberg

Hello 2015..

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday these past two weeks! Now that the holiday is over, it is time to snap back to reality. In order to help ease that transition, we are here to provide you with the best music 2015 has to offer!

Starting off our New Year is German folk/electronic duo Milky Chance with their new single “Unknown Song” featuring Paulina Eisenberg. Coming off the immense success of their single “Stolen Dance”, Milky Chance has once again given listeners a unique and beautiful electronic single.

With elements of folk and electronica fully present, Milky Chance delivers a massive new single with “Unknown Song”. From the second you press play you are instantly captivated by the relaxed, summertime vibes and find yourself fully immersed within seconds.

With “Unknown Song”, Milky Chance is proving that they have the chops to make it big in the electronic industry. With their combination of folk and electronic music, Milky Chance presents us with a unique listener experience, different from anything out there today– and boy are we excited for what the future holds.

For more Milky Chance, head on over to their SoundCloud page!

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