Mike Masse and Jeff Hall- Africa (Toto Acoustic Cover)

One of the best covers of all-time for this weeks Throwback Thursday

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, I present to you a cover that most have probably already seen: Mike Masse and Jeff Hall acoustic take on Toto’s “Africa”.

Performed in a pizzeria in Utah four years ago, Mike Masse and Jeff Hall quickly melted the hearts of millions of YouTuber’s after their cover of Toto’s “Africa” went viral. I do a lot of research and searching for covers on a number of different websites and no other cover pops up more often than their acoustic version of “Africa”.

The combination of Jeff Hall’s talented bass playing with Mike Masse’s vocals created a brilliant and special cover that people from all walks of life appreciated. What I believe people fell most in love with about this version, aside from its awesomeness, was that two seemingly ordinary guys playing an open mic in a pizzeria could be so damn talented. One of the first covers to go viral on YouTube, Mike Masse and Jeff Hall proved that you can find talented individuals anywhere, anyplace, in all shapes and sizes, if you just stop for a moment, look and listen.

Mike and Jeff have continued playing gigs together since this video went viral and are still pumping out incredible covers on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

And yes, Mike Masse does look a bit like Louis CK (I know you all were thinking it)

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