Michael Jackson- Billie Jean (Humming House Folk Cover)

Michael Jackson + Folk= Instant Awesome

For this weeks Throwback Thursday we decided to turn back the clock two years to Nashville-based band Humming House and their stellar folk-influenced cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.

From start to finish, Humming House amazes in their cover of “Billie Jean”, delivering a powerful performance highlighted by stellar vocals and jaw-dropping instrumentals. Using a few traditional folk instruments, Humming House perfectly transforms “Billie Jean” from an iconic pop hit into a wonderful, folk-fueled jam.

Though this video was recorded in 2013, Humming House has continued to crank out the good jams to this day. Just last week they released a brand new album filled with awesome americana tracks!They recently released a brand new album just last

Do yourself a favor and head on over to their YouTube channel to check out some tracks from their new album and listen to more awesome originals and covers!


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