Michael Buble- Feeling Good (Dennis Minor Cover)

Allow me to introduce you to the next big viral video of 2014

Before November 7th, Dennis Minor was your everyday average guy. No one outside of his family, friends, and hometown knew his name, what he did, or that he even existed. Three days ago that all changed.

On November 7th, Shedd Studios, a YouTube account with 53 subscribers, posted a video of a friend of theirs singing a song made famous by crooner Michael Buble. The description of the video describes a man who always liked singing, but had never sang in front of anyone. Despite never having anyone hear him sing, the man had always wanted to try and record himself singing. On November 7th, that man and Shedd Studios decided to turn that desire into a reality. With some recording equipment and a camera, they recorded their friend Dennis Minor and immediately posted it on YouTube. The result is something none of them expected.

Three days and over 20,000 views later (a number that is growing minute by minute), Dennis Minor has quickly become a YouTube sensation. A man whose name was unknown is now being broadcast throughout the biggest and most visited websites throughout the internet. Not bad for a guy who never sang in front of anyone before.

This my friends is why I love music and the internet. A man who had never sung for an audience before is now having his voice heard in millions of households throughout the world. What had started as a simple gesture between two friends has turned into an internet sensation overnight.

Dennis Minor, we here at The Undiscovered wish you the best of luck in the near future and hope great things continue to come your way! Something tells us you may be paying a visit to a Ms. DeGeneres in the near future.

And for those of you unsure or too nervous to try something new, let Dennis Minor serve as a lesson for you. Who knows, you might just be good at it.


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