Meg Myers- Desire

Pure, raw emotion in this song

Coming out of Los Angeles, California is beautiful singer/musician, Meg Myers with her amazing song, “Desire”.

After my first listen of “Desire”, it was clear that Meg Myers wasn’t trying to go the route of a Katy Perry type pop artist and boy could I not be happier about that. “Desire” features pure, raw and explicit emotion that help defines the songs unique sound. After listening to the top 40 female artists over and over again on the radio, it’s extremely refreshing to hear a different and unique sound that breaks the norm.

Meg Myers boasts incredible talent with powerful vocals and intelligent songwriting that makes her music all the more enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend you take a second and check out more from this up and coming artist over on her YouTube channel and stay tuned for updates over on her Facebook page!