Madeon- Home

EDM’s biggest prodigy does it again

Hot off the presses, French producer/DJ prodigy Madeon delivers his newest single, “Home”.

The result of one of his famous 24-hour music making binges, “Home” delivers an instant indie electronica hit with a slight twist. What is the twist? For the first time ever on one of his recordings, Madeon features his own vocals– and they are nothing short of impressive.

During the songs recording, Madeon admits that he hit a pretty big creativity wall. The growing exhaustion, frustration, and isolation left him in a vulnerable state where he considered quitting music altogether. Luckily, he didn’t follow through and the result of his dedication is the beautiful and emotional “Home”.

Madeon has been wowing fans of electronic music since the tender age of 15, earning him the label of ‘prodigy’ from highly respected names in the industry. As a result, fans have witnessed Madeon grow up, both in life and musically. It has been an incredible journey for the young musician

With a new album on the horizon– “Home” is the last song featured on it– 2015 should prove to be a massive year for the young French musician. As the release of his new album draws near, be on the lookout for new Madeon tracks popping up on the internet.

If you have never listened to Madeon before today, we recommend you head over to his SoundCloud page and see what the hype is all about.