Lorde- Team (Cover)

Another day, another hit from Lorde

Did anyone have a better end to 2013/beginning of 2014 than Lorde has? It seems that any radio station you turn to, one of Lorde’s many hit songs is playing. It’s like you can’t escape her.

Singer Macy Kate and YouTube sensation, Kurt Hugo Schneider team up on Lorde’s other smash hit, “Team” and deliver an incredible cover. Kurt Hugo Schneider is no stranger to The Undiscovered, having been previously featured on the cover of The Neighbourhood’s song, “Sweater Weather“.

Macy Kate and Kurt’s rendition of “Team” is nothing short of spectacular. Macy Kate’s incredible vocals coming Kurt Hugo Schneider’s impressive musical talent makes for a very enjoyable listen and one that doesn’t stray all too far from the original.

Do yourself a favor and check out more from Macy Kate on her YouTube channel, and be sure to listen to more incredible music and cover’s by Kurt Hugo Schneider over on his Facebook and YouTube page.


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