L’Orange- The End (Feat. Billy Woods)

Pretty impressive tune

Hip-Hop, instrumental, jazz artist, L’Orange brings us his latest effort, “The End”, featuring rapper Billy Woods.

Combining his wonderful and eerie instrumentals with the impressive vocals from Billy Woods, L’Orange creates a special track with “The End”. The beat L’Orange created is one of the best that I’ve heard in a hip-hop song in quite some time and the lyrics that Billy Woods spits on top are equally impressive.

If you haven’t heard of L’Orange before, I suggest you start listening. Each song he creates is completely different than the last, with songs spanning through different genres and moods, creating a unique listening experience for each track. Having just been introduced to L’Orange myself, I spent a large chunk of time exploring his music and was thoroughly impressed by what I heard. With the genres he dabbles in so saturated with mainstream melodies and beats, it’s extremely refreshing to hear an artist bring a unique perspective to his music.

Check out more music from L’Orange over on his SoundCloud page

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