Lonely The Brave- Victory Line

Great song with a heavy video

Hailing from the UK is doom-pop band, Lonely The Brave, with their song “Victory Line”.

I feel like ever since music television became focused on reality shows, bands have put less energy into making awesome music videos. Far too often we see generic videos that fail to keep viewers engaged. Not with “Victory Line”.

Pairing their fantastic song, “Victory Line” with a powerful and heavy music video, Lonely The Brave kept me engaged from the second I hit the play button. The song on its own was good enough to keep me listening, but the music video itself kept me watching the screen. Telling a powerful tale that can be interpreted in quite a few different ways, Lonely The Brave create a powerful backdrop to the emotion delivered in “Victory Line”. It’s the perfect compliment for their song and they deliver it flawlessly.

If the video is a little too much, or too emotional for you, that’s totally understandable. However, you can’t take away from the fact that “Victory Line” is a fantastic song.

If you liked what you saw or heard, check out more from Lonely The Brave over on their YouTube channel!

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