LOLO- Hit and Run

Warning: Song may get stuck in your head

Quick, close your eyes. Now imagine if Pink and Blu Cantrell- singer of “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)”-  fused together and created one voice. That’s the sound you get from pop singer LOLO in her single “Hit and Run”.

After just one listen you can tell that “Hit and Run” has all the makings to become a hit pop song. Combining hypnotizing vocals with an infectious electronic melody, LOLO showcases her pop sound and shows why some people are considering her the next ‘big thing’.

Since her feature in Panic! At The Disco’s 2013 hit “Miss Jackson”, LOLO has burst onto the music scene. Releasing several singles to much critical acclaim, the Brooklyn-based singer has been able to channel her edgy side to create a brand of pop music that fans love and critics everywhere applaud.

With several hit pop songs under her belt and a rapidly growing fan base, LOLO has the arsenal necessary to make an impact within the pop music industry. Be on the lookout for her over these next few months and check out more of her music on her SoundCloud page!

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