Life Of Dillon ‘Prologue’ EP

A MUST HAVE EP for all your Summer activities

A few months ago, little known acoustic house trio Life Of Dillon burst onto the scene with their incredibly infectious single, “Overload”. Despite the song becoming a massive hit globally– over 2 million views on YouTube– little was known about Life Of Dillon besides the one track released under their name.

Today, plenty more is known about the trio that is poised to make a massive splash in the electronic music industry. Released earlier today on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, Life Of Dillon’s debut EP Prologue is guaranteed to blow you away. A must have for all your summer activities, Life Of Dillon’s Prologue brings listeners five incredibly infectious, feel good jams that are certain to have your feet moving and grooving to the beat.

Since the release of “Overload”, fans have been patiently waiting for new material from the up-and-coming trio, not really knowing what to expect. Today, any doubt or concerns of ‘one-hit wonders’ can be erased as Life Of Dillon packs in five instant hits with Prologue.

The first collection of songs brought to us by Life Of Dillon, Prologue does nothing short of amaze. While we sit here jamming out to these five addictive tracks, it is tough for us not to be excited for what this talented young trio has in store for us next!

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