Lee Fields- Don’t Leave Me This Way

The most amazing video you’ll watch all day

Most times, when I person starts singing in a crowded area, people try and move away as fast as possible. Not with Lee Fields. When Lee Fields starts singing, people stop dead in their tracks and listen.

Based out of Brooklyn, Lee Fields has steadily established himself as a premier name in the soul music genre. His spectacular voice combined with his lively performances have captivated audiences worldwide. However, if you saw Lee Fields on the street would you notice him? Chances are probably not, but that is what makes this video so special.

Standing atop the crowded Pont des Arts in Paris, France, Lee Fields begins to perform an emotional and hear-wrenching  ballad. What starts as a seemingly normal performance quickly evolves into an incredible and emotional work of art. As his performance continues, you notice the crowds of people walking by begin to stop, and then listen.

Moments like this are what make music so special. A person who is able to stop crowds of people moving throughout their day with the power of voice is a spectacular thing to watch.

Few artists are able to stop the world around them with their work, but for four minutes Lee Fields had the Pont des Arts standing still as he captivated them with his spectacular vocals.

For more music from Lee Fields, check him out over on Spotify.