Lady Gaga- Applause (The Followthrough cover)

Hot damn does this guy have a set of pipes

Performing an acoustic cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Applause” is Austin, Texas based alternative rock band, The Followthrough.

Featuring the absolutely mind-blowing vocals from the lead singer, The Followthrough do a spectacular job in covering the smash hit from Lady Gaga. Usually within a cover, there are several different factors that make it stand out among the rest. For this version, all that you need to hear is the vocals.  Showcasing a spectacular range and strength, the lead singer amazes from the very first note he hits.

I just recently discovered The Followthrough on YouTube and plan on keeping a close eye on them for any new content that they post. With a vocalist like this we can safely assume that more awesome content will be coming our way!

Check out more music from The Followthrough over on their YouTube channel!

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