Kublakai- Mixed Messages

When art meets hip-hop

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, hip-hop artist on the rise, Kublakai brings us his newest single, “Mixed Messages” featuring Mario and Malice Sweet.

Set around his experiences growing up as a mixed-race child, Kublakai delivers a powerful and strongly worded message in “Mixed Messages”. Through the use of a spoken word rap, style similar to that of fellow Seattleite Macklemore, Kublakai is able to create a song that not only impresses on a musical level, but also effectively pushes forward a powerful and inspirational message.

With his newes album Origin Story set to be released on March 11th, Kublakai is ready to take 2016 by storm. If “Mixed Messages” is any indication of what to expect from Origin Story, something tells me 2016 may be Kublakai’s biggest year to date.

Head on over to Kublakai’s YouTube channel for more great music and be sure to give Origin Story a listen when it is released on March 11th!

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