Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness (Bluegrass Cover)

Hot Damn

It has been a few years since Kid Cudi dominated the radio airwaves with his smash hit, “Pursuit of Happiness”. However, that didn’t stop Ohio-based bluegrass band, Honeybucket, from putting their own unique bluegrass spin on the famous track.

Taking on Kid Cudi’s massive single, Honeybucket completely transforms “Pursuit of Happiness” from a hip-hop hit into a bluegrass jam.

Covering a hit song is never an easy task, but the guys over at Honeybucket make it look simple, delivering a near perfect bluegrass version of “Pursuit of Happiness”. Even if bluegrass isn’t your “style”, it is tough to deny that Honeybucket’s version of “Pursuit of Happiness” is impressive.

Take a minute out of your day and check out some more great music from this young bluegrass trio over on their Facebook page and YouTube channel

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