Keys N Krates- I Just Can’t Deny

Something a little bit different

I though this was pretty cool and wanted to post it for you all to see.

Toronto based live electronic outfit, Keys N Krates, comes at you this Monday with “I Just Can’t Deny”. The third single off of their SOLOW EP, released by Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records, “I Just Can’t Deny” is an awesome trap/EDM hit that is a guaranteed party starter.

Described my some as the worlds only “trap band”, Keys N Krates aren’t your traditional EDM artist. Differing from the EDM producers and DJ’s you see and hear today, Keys N Krates is an actual live ensemble that plays their music live, onstage, not just over turntables and speakers.

I thought their approach was pretty cool and something that really hasn’t been done all too much within the industry. Don’t dismiss Keys N Krates right away just because they fit in the EDM type genre. Actually take a listen and appreciate the skill and unique approach these artists are bringing to the music stage.

I highly recommend checking out more from Keys N Krates over on their YouTube and their Facebook pages


check out Key N Krates performing live. Nice way to give perspective on how they put it all together.

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