Ken Ashcorp- Burgz

Allow us to cure your summertime blues this morning

Well, the unofficial end to summer has finally arrived, and while you’re recovering from this past weekends festivities, cursing the ‘real world’ in your cubicle or classroom,¬†allow us to remedy those summertime blues with some quality tunes.

Kicking off your Tuesday morning is the fun and catchy song “Burgz” from singer/songwriter Ken Ashcorp.

A song written about burgers and maybe relationships, “Burgz” is a fun pop song that will be sure to kick start your morning and relieve your post Labor Day depression.

Known on YouTube for creating wacky originals based off of video games, cartoons, and other¬†bizarre subjects, Ken Ashcorp is a name you probably haven’t encountered on the internet. However, with over 100k subscribers and millions of views on his videos, Ashcorp is clearly doing something right. “Burgz” helps open us to the world of Ken Ashcorp, where fun is at the forefrunt and mainstream recognition lags behind.

You’re unlikely to ever hear Ashcorp’s songs in a mainstream environment, but don’t let that downplay his talent and stop you from checking out his YouTube channel for more music!