Katy Perry- California Girl (Pretty Sister Funk Remix)

Prepare yourself for the best cover you’ve heard in a long time

Wow, just wow. That was my reaction when I first listened to Pretty Sister’s incredible, funky remix of Katy Perry’s smash hit, “California Girl”. Since then I’ve had the song on repeat, unable to get their version out of my head all day.

It’s not easy for an artist to perform a cover that is considered as ‘better than’ the original, but Pretty Sister does a damn good job in their rendition of “California Girl”. Recreating the original pop hit, Pretty Sister strips down “California Girl” from a Top 40 pop jam into a sultry smooth, r&b funk hit. With a melody similar to the hit 90’s song “Too Close” by NEXT, Pretty Sister is able to deliver a funky smooth sound completely different from the original, but still providing a must-listen track.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else on the internet from Pretty Sister aside from this spectacular cover. Hopefully, their version of “California Girl” is the first of many more amazing covers. We recommend you give their SoundCloud page a follow so you can keep up to date on any and all new releases!


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