Kasabian- Sesame Street/Good Vibrations Mash Up

A fun cover to close your day

Ever wonder what would happen if The Beach Boys met Sesame Street? No? Well me either, but UK rock legends Kasabian decided to make that thought a reality when they performed a mash up of The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” with the theme song from Sesame Street.

A weird combination to say the least, Kasabian surprises and amazes with their unlikely mash up. Set to the melody of “Good Vibrations” Kasabian starts their mash up with the lyrics of the Sesame Street theme song and finishes with the lyrics of “Good Vibrations”.

Formed over a decade ago, Kasabian has continually proved that they can bring a high level of music to their fans year after year. Their mash up of Sesame Street and “Good Vibrations” helps further prove that point.

If you have never listened to Kasabian before, we recommend you take a few minutes and check them out over on their YouTube channel. With over a decade of music under their belts, they have plenty of awesome music to keep you occupied!