K.A.A.N- Sorrow (Syrup Rmx)

The kid does it again

Continuing his impressive start to 2015, up-and-coming hip-hop artist K.A.A.N brings us his latest single, “Sorrow (Syrup Rmx)”.

When I first listened to K.A.A.N a few months ago, I was initially impressed by his flow and command of the track. However, the more and more I listen to him, the more his lyrics and his ability to tell an entire story in just a few minutes.

“Sorrow (Syrup Rmx)” is the latest example of K.A.A.N’s impressive lyrical ability. Delving into a dark, emotional part of K.A.A.N’s life, “Sorrow (Syrup Rmx)” delivers an incredibly deep single that not only impresses on a music level, but a personal one as well.

With each track K.A.A.N releases, he proves that he is much more than a one-trick pony. We have seen K.A.A.N flex his flow many times before, but with each new release K.A.A.N has shown that his lyrics are where he truly shines.

Just two days ago, K.A.A.N released his newest album Abstract Art. Featuring “Sorrow (Syrup Rmx)” and other tracks recently featured here on The Undiscovered, K.A.A.N’s abstract art impresses from the very first track. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, big things are on the horizon for K.A.A.N.

Do yourself a favor and check out K.A.A.N and his new album Abstract Art over on his SoundCloud page

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