K.A.A.N- Phoenix

The kid is back and better than ever

It has been quite a while since we last posted rapper-on-the-rise, K.A.A.N here on The Undiscovered. Today, that drought ends as the Maryland-based rapper brings us his latest single, “Phoenix”.

Featured on his latest project Eclectic Audio, “Phoenix” is yet another strong release from the incredibly talented mind of K.A.A.N. Combining his trademark flow with a movie-score esque beat, K.A.A.N is able to create a moving track that delivers not only musically, but emotionally as well.

One of my favorite things about K.A.A.N is that he does something that so few mainstream rappers today do, he creates songs with meaning. For K.A.A.N, the song isn’t just about the beat he’s rapping over, it’s about the message in his lyrics. Whether a positive message or one about a time of struggle, K.A.A.N always delivers a strong message that his rapid growing fan base can relate to.

If you have never heard of K.A.A.N before today, we highly suggest you start to familiarize yourself quick. Head on over to his YouTube channel and SoundCloud page for more music and be sure to give a listen to his latest project, Eclectic Audio.


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