K.A.A.N- Ampersand

Straight fire jams coming out of Maryland

Looking for some hot new hip-hop? Well look no further than Maryland-based rapper Brandon Perry, better known as K.A.A.N, and his epic single “Ampersand”.

Pulling a sample from TLC’s smash hit “Creep”, K.A.A.N brings his versatile and impressive flow to the incredibly infectious beat of “Ampersand”. Flexing his flow skills throughout most of the song, K.A.A.N amazes with his lyrical ability and complete mastery of the song.

We featured K.A.A.N on The Undiscovered several months ago with his incredible single “KAANCEPTS”. It is awesome to see him still pumping out quality hip-hop, arguably better than before.

We are extremely excited about what the future holds for K.A.A.N, and with songs like “KAANCEPTS” and “Ampersand’, there is no reason to think that future isn’t extremely bright.

Head on over to K.A.A.N’s SoundCloud page for more impressive hip-hop from this talented young MC.

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