Jonny Shorr EP

Stellar new EP from this incredibly talented singer/songwriter

Bringing us his self-titled EP, Jonny Shorr, is So Cal based singer/songwriter Jonny Shorr.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now studying on the campus of USC, Jonny Shorr has dedicated himself tirelessly to perfecting his craft. Over the past year, Shorr has spent hour after hour working on his self-titled EP– perfecting his sound and ensuring everything was just right.

Well, last Wednesday Jonny Shorr’s hard work finally paid off with the release of his debut EP. Jonny Shorr presents listeners with a masterfully written and orchestrated collection of songs detailing the trials, tribulations, accomplishments and celebrations of life.

Filled with beautiful instrumentals and impressive vocals, Jonny Shorr gives listeners four excellent tracks to satisfy their ear buds. From the uptempo “Brothers” and robust, horn filled “Hear Me Out” to the slow paced ballad-like “Dance With Me“, Johnny Shorr has a song and a sound for just about every listener.

Where the EP shines the most is in the Elfenworks Social Justice Prize winning single, “Grace“. Beautiful in sound and message, “Grace” not only caught the ear of listeners, but also raised over $20,000 for the therapeutic arts program for Chicago-based non-profit Keshet. Not only is Jonny Shorr creating quality music, he’s also creating a better world.

With his debut EP released and being only in college, Jonny Shorr has a bright future ahead of him in the world of music. For a guy that is using his music not just as  a means of providing entertainment, but as a platform to help promote social causes, it is tough to not root for Jonny Shorr.

To download Jonny Shorr, head on over to his bandcamp page. For more great music from Jonny, check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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