Johnny Stimson- Obsession

Put some groove in your Thursday

Having a slow day? Pick up the pace and put some groove in it with this new jam from pop artist Johnny Stimson.

“Obsession” combines a number of different musical elements to bring a fun, groovy, and dance filled sound. Living up to its title, “Obsession” features an addicting and upbeat melody that will have you dancing at your desk and playing it on repeat throughout the day.

I’ve never listened to Johnny Stimson before today, but after one listen of “Obsession” I’m hooked. At only 25 years old, Johnny Stimson looks to bring his catchy pop melodies and soulful, soft vocals to a bigger audience as he sets his sights on dominating the pop scene.

Be on the lookout for more from this budding pop star as his music begins to pick up steam. Head on over to Johnny Stimson’s SoundCloud page for more awesome tunes!

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