John Mayer- Daughters (Justin Robinett Cover)

Spectacular song, impressive cover

Bringing us their impressive rendition of John Mayer’s hit song, “Daughters” is artist Justin Robinett featuring Steve Williams and his band.

Ok, I have something to admit: I’m a bit of a sucker for John Mayer. Say what you want, but there is no denying that you have found yourself jamming out to one, if not several, John Mayer songs over the past several years. The guys just knows how to make hits.

That being said, covering a song by a major artist like John Mayer is never an easy task. However, Justin Robinett and band proved to be up to the challenge in their rendition of “Daughters”. From the beginning guitar solo to the last note played, Robinett’s version of “Daughters” will entertain John Mayer and music lovers everywhere. Not straying far from the original, Robinett’s version incorporates a full band to help deliver their impressive cover.

For more music from Justin Robinett, check out his YouTube channel!


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