Jhameel- Resting Stone

One of YouTubes finest stars

Hailing from Cali is indi-pop, YouTube superstar, Jhameel, with his new single, “Resting Stone”.

Gaining a large following on YouTube through his fan videos, where he would get drunk and perform covers of hit songs (It’s honestly amazing), Jhameel has recently burst onto the scene with his solo career. “Resting Stone” is just one of a number of excellent songs released from Jhameel, showcasing his incredible musical and vocal talent.

With a Michael Jackson vibe in his voice, Jhameel has created a unique sound that has resonated throughout his fan base. Having already amassed a massive YouTube following, Jhameel is well on his way to launching a successful solo career. Though, as much as I’m digging his solo work, part of me is really hoping for another drunk performance!

For more from Jhameel, check out his YouTube channel. There’ s a lot of amazing stuff on here!

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