Jay Z- Roc Boys (Matoma Remix)

Time to warm up on this frigid Tuesday.

Snow has  you feeling cold? Well warm up with this epic tropical house remix of Jay Z’s “Roc Boys” by up-and-coming producer Matoma.

If you have never heard of Matoma before today, I highly recommend you introduce yourself now. Based out of Trondheim, Norway, this up-and-coming producer has been tearing up the electronic music scene lately with his fantastic tropical house styled remixes of hit pop songs. His latest remix, featuring Jay Z’s hit song “Rock Boys”, showcases his impressive musical ability and further shows why Matoma is one of the brightest young names in the industry today.

With rumors flying around of Matoma making appearances at major music festivals this summer, 2015 is looking to be a massive breakthrough year for this young artist.

Stay tuned to Matoma’s SoundCloud page all of his newest releases!

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