Janelle Monáe- Heroes

Everyone needs to watch/listen to this

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to the incredible singer Janelle Monae. Though relatively well-known already, it seems that her involvement in Pepsi’s recent YouTube campaigns have made her more recognizable to the common listener.

While we have seen Janelle do some pretty cool things with Pepsi this past year– i.e Music in the Streets campaign– this has been by far the coolest. Performing David Bowie’s hit, “Heroes”, Janelle adds her own flair and electronic melody to create a truly unique version.

Since her feature in the Pepsi campaigns, Janelle has blown up in the public space. She has performed on Letterman, Bonnaroo, and even the White House. With plenty of fans by her side and hype around her name, expect big things in the near future from Janelle Monae.

For more music, head on over to Janelle’s YouTube channel!