Jack Moy & Glöden- All Alone On A Monday

Fitting song for the worst day of the week

Another weekend has come and gone and here we are, sitting at our computers on this dreary Monday counting down the days until we can do it all again. Why not brighten up your Monday a bit with this new track from Swedish based pop band, Jack Moy & Glöden.

A simple yet addictive track, “All Alone On  A Monday” is the right medicine to help cure your Monday blues. Featuring catchy vocals and infectious melodies, Jack Moy & Glöden create an instant hit, not just in their native Sweden, but throughout the world.

Jack Moy & Glöden have been producing their unique brand of folk influenced pop music since their inception several years ago. While quickly gaining popularity in their native Sweden, Jack Moy & Glöden have only recently caught the ears of American listeners. With impressive songs lie “All Alone On A Monday” gaining popularity overseas, be sure to expect more from this talented band!

Check out more from Jack Moy & Glöden over on their YouTube channel!